Having an ancient fossil as a website is good for laughs but bad for business. The way we do business has changed through the decades and leans heavily toward mobile. Local business and e-commerce shops alike cannot afford to overlook the value of an updated website. Wondering if you’re overdue for a website revamp? Keep reading to discover 5 telltale signs.

1. It’s Not Optimized for Handheld Devices

More than half of all web traffic is from mobile devices. When this change began, people realized that websites were hard to read. The tiny screens of smartphones made it hard to find out any information quickly. Businesses saw this and adapted with responsive designs. Responsive designs are websites that adjust when viewed from a mobile device. They are optimized for load speed and simplified for easy navigation. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, it could hurt your search engine results.

2. It Looks and Feels Outdated

If it takes you a long time to make simple changes, it might be time for a site update. Older websites hosted bright colored backgrounds and hard-to-read text. A website that is hard to interact with has a higher bounce rate. A bounce rate is percentage of visitors that leave your site after viewing a single page. Bounce is also a slang term for ‘leave’. The more people are bouncing from your site, the less business you will capture.

3. It No Longer Fits Your Brand

As a business evolves, so does the brand. Your brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors. It’s the products, philosophy, and physical attributes associated with your company. If you’ve recently gone through a branding change, your website should reflect this. When giving out your URL, you don’t want to be embarassed about what is displayed. A good web designer can help you define your brand and bring in more customers.

4. It Uses Outdated Technology

Technology changes every year. By the time you get a new phone, a newer version is on the way. As the technology changes , compatibility with certain software becomes obsolete. If your site still uses Flash, you may have noticed it doesn’t work on Apple phones. You are literally excluding millions of iPhone users from your site. Also, old technology doesn’t load well. Slow page speed is a factor that will affect your search engine ranking.

5.It’s Not Converting

Your conversion rate is the number of customers that make a purchase as a result of your marketing. Many factors affect why people decide to buy from you. If you are using marketing efforts and have noticed you still aren’t getting customers, it could be your site. Getting lots of traffic to your site with low conversion is a good sign you need an update. Check out your competitor’s website. What is he or she doing differently from you? A sleek new design can improve your competitive advantage.

Website Revamp to Improve Your Life

Running a business is stressful. Having a poorly optimized website can only add to that frustration. A website revamp is in order for any site that hurts your business more than it helps. The modern age will continue to trend toward mobile devices. Technology will always improve and require adaptation. An outdated site will only grow more and more outdated. Even if you are a local business, a digital presence can help to expand your customer base. Click here to start planning a more successful website.