People write over 22.2 billion blog posts each month. A web designer can give your business’s blog a competitive edge over other blogs.

Businesses with blogs get 55% more visitors to their websites. However, your blog will only do so much for your brand without the right blog design.

The more functional and aesthetically pleasing your blog is, the more often people will come back for more. Repeat visitors often turn into customers. To make visitors return, you need a web designer’s help.

Here’s how a web designer can help distinguish your blog from the rest:

1. Professional Expertise

Using your own judgment to design your blog isn’t enough. Web designers have the professional expertise and education necessary to make your blog stand out visually.

If you use a free layout, your blog will look like a million other blogs out there. That’s not good for business.

Web designers can also make compelling visual content for your blog. People share blogs with visual content more often than blogs without visual content. With a web designer, even your first blog post will get more traffic.

2. Blog Design and Goals

People don’t always design default blog layouts with particular goals in mind. If you hire a web designer, they will create a design that suits your blog’s goals and your audience’s interests.

First, a web designer will review your blog’s goals. Then they will create a design that facilitates these goals and creates a unique experience for visitors.

For example, if your blog’s goal is to generate sales, a web designer will make an attractive call to action button to entice users to buy your product/service. In fact, increasing sales is one of the major reasons why businesses need websites in the first place.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How you design a blog affects its SEO ranking. A web designer knows how to design blogs that rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages) than other sites.

Default layouts aren’t as SEO-friendly as custom web designs. Web designers can create blog designs that are functional, unique, and appealing to search engines.

With better web design, your blog will show up in more SERPs than ever before. This increases brand visibility. More people will recognize your brand from seeing your blog in SERPs and viewing your content.

Speaking of branding…

4. Branding

Web designers know how to transform entire brand identities into simple designs. They also use their knowledge to make a blog design that improves your brand image.

Web designers also have innovative web design ideas to distinguish your business’s blog from your competitors’ blogs. That kind of creativity is priceless for branding.

Your Web Designer Is Your Blog’s BFF

Color improves brand recognition by 80%. Web designers can use your brand colors to create a professional blog design. Then people will remember your brand whenever they see those colors.

Around 38% of internet users stop interacting with a website if they think it’s unattractive. With a web designer’s help, your blog won’t have this problem.

Upgrade your website and check out our services. Your customers will appreciate it.