What are the things you shouldn’t do?

For small businesses, it is important not to make rookie marketing mistakes. Even for large companies, they too sometimes duplicate these mistakes without even realizing it. If not fixed quickly enough, your business might be at risk!

Here are some major, and oh-so-common, marketing mistakes that might be putting your social media following growth at risk.

1. Do not hope for people to accidentally stumble upon your post.

While it is great to make blogging a marketing strategy for your start-up, you do not want to write blogs all day long and hope for the best to come. For example, you might stumble across one of the best-fried chickens in town, but surprisingly no one talks about it right.

You might want to realize that even the best products need promotion¹. If you don’t promote your products or service better, then there might be a chance that your business might be invisible to others.

2. Buying follower to boost credibility

Don’t ever rely on buying fake followers just to increase your brand’s credibility². Of course, when you are starting up, your business is more likely to have few followings and that may not be good social proof.

However, buying 10,000 followers won’t solve the problem! Not only that the followers may not be in your target audience, but the worst part, your credibility might deteriorate completely if people find out you cheated. It’s better to engage in organic traffic and build real relationships from the start. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Worrying too much about imitators

When you started, you want your business to be one of the kind right? Well, truth is, being the new kid on the block is never easy. As you start to do things right, you might see that other businesses, even the bigger ones, will inevitably start to “borrow” your idea³.

While imitation is the biggest form of flattery, it can be challenging to stand by and watch your brand value become confused in the market. Trust that your audience will support you and your brand, and focus on making moves that work for your business. Don’t worry about others, just worry about YOU.

4. Facebook ad is not the ultimate solution.

Since Facebook currently placed #1 as the most used social media, you might think that investing a lot for Facebook ads is the ultimate strategy in growing a business. However, you might be surprised that 70% of companies do not benefit from Facebook ads⁴.

It is recommendable to invest a portion of your budget for Facebook ads and spend some on a couple of different landing pages. Test to see if it works, but do not bet the farm on Facebook Ads.

Take your business to a website! It will help A LOT!

Build an e-commerce website that is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Then fill it up with content related to your topic. Use SEO techniques to take advantage of search engine results and get people to your page⁵.

With a custom design that reflects your business branding combined with SEO techniques, you can boost your business in no time!

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